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Rob's Racing History:

Updated: 2/21/2007

NOTE: You cannot tell Rob's racing history without telling the story of James Gang Racing. This is true because until 2007, Rob was the only constant at James Gang Racing, no matter what its name incarnations.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

James Gang Racing had its beginnings in 1992 in Pratt, Kansas. Other than show cars, it was dormant as a team until 1995.
In 1995, founder, and Team President Rob Neises, began racing Slot Cars at Rebel Raceway in Wichita, Kansas. He began in the 1/24 Nascar Playfit Division. There he ran actual 1/24th scale plastic model bodies on a special chasis. Soon, he was also running 1/24th scale flexi's in Nascar and Supertruck Divisions. After the demise of the Playfit Division, Rob ran occasionally in the replacement divisions, but always missed the Playfits. He continued running Flexi's until the impending birth of his first child.

Chapter 2: Sim-Racing Begins

Around August, 1995, Rob formed the Sim-Racing division of James Gang Racing. He ran the last half of the '95 season in the then NASSCAR (now NASS) League, in a Pontiac Grand Prix, sponsored by the SCKL Model Railroad.
1996 was a year of growth for JGR. Rob Neises founded the ANSL League Mid -Season, with then Radical Racing, future JGRer Bob James capturing the '96 Season Crown in the Country Time Lemonade Ford Thunderbird. Rob Neises finished 4th in the Pizza Hut Pontiac. Rob's brother Rick ran 10th in the 24 person league, piloting the SCKL Railroad Monte Carlo. Rob ran the ARCA Division in the NASS League, piloting his Dole for President/Pizza Hut Pontiac to a final standing of 32d in a 117 team league.
1997 was a rough season for the team. First, the ANSL League folded after the California race. Then the whole team folded, as Team President Rob Neises, pulled out of racing due to complications in the birth of his daughter.
In 1998, James Gang Racing entered Rob Neises in the NWST N1 Supertruck Division. He finished second in season and Team Points, with one win and a pole, both coming at Talladega in October. Bob James and Rick Neises both ran in the N1 BGN Division, Rick under the Radical Racing banner. Neither had any Poles or Victories, but Rick finished 13th, and Bob ended 10th, running abreviated schedules. At the end of the season, All three drivers ran in the Inaugural NWST 500. All crashed out early in the race. Rob and Bob then traveled to Japan for the final exhibition race, and Bob James final race before retirement. Again, poor results, as Rob ended his first relationship with GM in the Nokia Monte Carlo, and BJ piloted the Kansas Tourism Board Pontiac Grand Prix. In the Winter Heat, Rob piloted the #97 Executive Security/Wichita State University Taurus to 5th place overall in the 4 race series. Rob also ran a Pontiac in 10 races in the final season of the NASS N1 League, finishing 26th in points.

Chapter 3: Championship comes to JGR

The 1999 season was very memorable for JGR. Before the season, long time driver Bob James retired from sim-racing due to a relocation and a new demanding schedule. The team switched to an all Ford team, with Rob piloting a Ford F-150, and Rick running 13 races in a '99 Ford Taurus. Rob's wife Angela was supposed to run a Ford in the Supertruck Division, but due to health concerns with their daughter, it never materialized.
Rob's stated reason for not moving up to Busch in 1999 was his desire to be Supertruck Champion. He piloted the number 84 Ford F-150 to 11 victories, 11 poles, and an incredible 34 top 5's on way to the final NWST N1 Supertruck Championship. Rick had a season best 4th at the final race at Atlanta to wrap up a sixth place finish. Rob ran in several other series and racing genre's in 1999. He ran in the ICR2 League of the NWST, with a Top 5 finish before the league disbanded. And in what Rob thought was preparing for the future, he ran three races in the NWST's N99 BGN division, 2 Supertruck races in their STS division, and 2 races in a Dodge in the NASS99 N99 Supertruck League. At the NWST 500, Rob and Rick did well, Rob took third in the '99 Series Champion Taurus, and Rick placed fifth in the Country Time Lemonade Taurus. After the race, Rick announced his retirement from full-time racing
In the course of 6 weeks, the sim-world was rocked by announcements that the NWST was cancelling the N1 league, and that both the NWST and NASS Leagues would run N3 only in 2000.
In other '99 news: Rob ran the '99 campaign with rotating sponsors. PediaSure Formula, and M&M's Crispy were the two major primaries, with special schemes for Rainbows United, the SCKL Railroad, Wichita Muttdoggs Fantasy Football Team, Wichita State University, Executive Security, and special Ernie Irvan Tribute schemes. He ran the Irvan tribute schemes the last part of the season after a practice crash at Michigan in August forced Ernie into retirement.
Other big news was the renewing in 2000 of the ANSL N1 league in conjunction with the NWST.

Chapter 4: A New Century - New Championships

New Years Day 2000, the ANSL N1 League held its first race of the Winter Series. Rob Neises took the Millennium 250 by Executive Security in a Pontiac numbered 00. After the four race season, Rob had three victories and the Winter Series Title. After that race, in which his wife Angie debuted her #74 TY Beanie Babies Pontiac, Rob released his 2000 plans during the Winter Heat Series. He explained that the number 84 was being kept dormant for the season, and the number "00" would be run on the JGR prepared Pontiacs. The new number, and return to Pontiac was in celebration of the new century.
Rob had originally planned on running 20+ races in the ANSL N1 League, and campaigning full-time in the NWST's ARCA and NASS Stock Divisions in N3. All three carrying sponsorship from Executive Security.
At the season opening ANSL race at Daytona, Angela Neises made her regular season N1 debut. Plans were for her to get confortable enough to run a couple races in 2000, with a move up to N3 in 2001.
The ANSL League was forced to suspend the 2000 season due to a combination of poor driver turnout, and more health problems for Rob's daughter. "It is now official, put a fork in Nascar 1, it's done," Rob Neises said at the press conference announcing the end of the season.
After running a few NWST BGN races between Daytona and Salem two months later, Rob announced that the SCKL Railroad would take over as sponsor on the NWST efforts until a full time primary was found. At the same time, with Rob sitting in 10th in the NASS Stock points, M&M Candies announced they would come on board for most of the remainder of the 2000 NASS season as a primary sponsor.
Later in the season, Rob announced he would represent the NWST League in the R.E.A.L. Challenge series, running 4 of the 5 races in a Pontiac, the fifth in a Dodge, all with rotating sponsors.
On August 10th, at the Brickyard Rob Neises announced that JGR would be making another switch, this time to Nascar returnie - Dodge. Neises was the first to announce publicly the move to the new Intrpid R/T.
It was also about this time, that Neises announced that Team Realtree would sponsor the NWST ARCA effort for 5 races, with the remaining 3 races to be sponsored by the SCKL Train Shop.
After the 17 race ARCA schedule was finished at Atlanta in November, Rob had 2 wins, 2 poles, 17 top 5's, and no DNF's, and more importantly, a 3 point lead over challenger Mike Smith. Those three points gave Rob and James Gang Racing its second straight NWST Championship, and its second championship of 2000.
In other 2000 news, Rob piloted his 2000 Pontiacs in 5 NWST BGN races, and 5 NWST Winston Cup races, being scored in the first 4. The fifth race included the debut of the JGR Dodge Intrepid R/T with sponsorship from Cowley County Community College. That race would of been part of a double-double weekend, but due to NWST rules, the Cup race wasn't scored. In the fourth race of that weekend, Neises debuted his SCKL Dodge Charger "Daytona" in the NASS Legends Series.
The most incedible announcement was Rob's announcment that JGR would not be fielding a car for him in the NWST in 2001. He announced that he would be joining E&K Motorsports for 2001 with a run hopefully at Rookie of the Year in the Busch Division. JGR will not close down Neises announced, it will field a limited schedule team for his wife Angela, and any side racing Rob does outside of the E&K BGN gig.

Chapter 5: A New Beginning

The 2000 Winter Series started the beginning of a new era for Rob Neises. Though he ran both the entire NWST and NASS Winter Series under the James Gang Racing banner, he was working in cooperation with E&K Motorsports. The change to Dodge and E&K Motorsports assistance, helped Rob break the jynx and get his first victories in NASS competition. Rob ended the NASS Stock Series in second place in points, with victories at Indianapolis and Bristol. Rob had it rougher in the NWST Winter Series, only managing two Top 5's, three Top 10's, and a DNF in five races. The DNF was the first since September of '98.
The beginning of the 2001 season brought sadness to Nascar, as the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt lost his life in a last lap crash at Daytona. The NWST canceled Speedweeks, NASS ran. Rob Neises ran a James Gang Racing prepared Dodge Intrepid, with sponsorship from ICEE. At Rockingham, both leagues were underway with Rob finishing 7th in his first NWST BGN race, his first under the E&K Motorsports banner. At Rockingham and Atlanta, Neises ran special Dale Earnhardt tribute schemes on the ICEE and the John Deere Dodge's. He also ran special "apathy" schemes protesting NASCAR dragging its feet on safety at Talladega.
Again, Neises ran special sponsorship schemes during the year, including: Ron Jon Surf Shop at the Florida and California races, Executive Security at Las Vegas, K-State/Executive Security at Indianapolis, Wichita State/Executive Security at Phoenix, SCKL Railroad at Pikes Peak, Rainbows United Kid Cove at Kansas, It's A Girl for most of May including the Winston and Select races, PediaSure and Similac at Charlotte at the 600, Cricket Wireless at Charlotte in October, Great American Train Shows at Rockingham late in the year, the SCKL Train Shop at Atlanta and Richmond make up races, and a couple American Defender schemes on the John Deere and ICEE Intrepids.
September 11th is a day the US won't forget. Terrorist hijacked planes and ran them into the World Trade Center - destroying them, and the Pentagon. In response, NASS canceled the Loudon race, and the NWST rescheduled the Richmond races for after Atlanta in November. Rob had special "American Pride/American Defender schemes on the ICEE and John Deere Dodges to mark those events.
The racing this season was tough. Rob was unable to pull off a victory in the final year of NASS N3 Stock racing. He did get a pole in the 31 races ran. The final stats for Rob in NASS were: Nine Top 5's, 23 Top 10's, a Pole, and 5 DNF's on way to a fourth place finish in season standings. NASS announced they would run only N4 in 2002, and in preparation, wouldn't be having a Winter Series.
In the NWST League, Rob faired better. In the Busch Division, Neises had a victory and two poles in 32 races, and finished third in overall season points. Final stats were: 30 Top 5's, 32 Top 10's, a win, two poles, and no DNF's. In Busch, Neises got the first of two Team Championships rings as E&K Motorsports ran away with the Team Title. Neises joined, and ran a limited schedule in the NWST's newest division, the HCGR. Finishing the season with sponsorship from Cricket Wireless, Neises had four victories, eight Top 5's and 13 Top 10's, in the 13 races he entered. The HCGR didn't allow qualifying. Neises finished 6th running the abreviated schedule, and collected his second Team Championship ring as E&K Motorsports took the Team Title in the HCGR Division. Rob also ran two races plus the Winston Select in the NWST's Winston Cup Division. Rob ran Chevy Monte Carlo's for GoAsher Racing, he had three Top 5's in the three races.
Milestones in 2001 include Rob's 350th overall sim race at Dover in September, his 150th NWST race at the HCGR race at Indy in September, and the 125th NASS race at Sears Point in July.
Rob ran the entire Winter Series in the NWST. Neises ran the number"02" on his Dodge Intrepid R/T's. Sponsorship was provided by McDonalds the first five races, and Joe's Crab Shack the final race at Texas. He took second in the NWST 500 at Talladega, among some controversy. The controversy set Rob back, but he ended the season with 5 Top 5's and 6 Top 10's. This with three out of the five races Rob was at least one lap down. The resilence of Rob, and leading laps in every race but Watkins Glen solidified Rob's third place finish in final points standings.

Chapter 6: The Sophomore Season

The 2002 season was the busiest for Rob yet. Rob ran 130 races in 12 different series/leagues. Including running the Indy 250 in the IIRS IRL Indycar series, and taking the Midvale Speedway Track Championship in a Nascar Legends Pure Stock Dodge Charger. Originally Rob figured this would be the last year for N3 racing, so he attempted to run the full schedule in the NWST's Busch and HCGR division. Luckily, next year is now the estimated final season according to NWST league directors. Rob stopped running the Busch Series full time after Daytona in July due to an unsuccessful run for elected office, and he came up short in HCGR, finishing second to E&K Teammate Mike Smith. Rob ended the regular season in Homestead with his 500th sim-start in the NWST's N2K2 division race.
Rob ran eight races in what was to be the last offline year for the NASS Series. They ran the N4 platform all year. Rob started out the season with a second place finish in his first Budweiser Shootout. He then ran Daytona and Atlanta, both finishes outside the Top 10. Rob parked the N4 team due to inferior equipment (old computer), he returned at Indy in August. He ran a total of 7 points races in NASS N4 Stock action. He ended the run with the Farewell 500 at Atlanta, his 150th NASS Sim-Start. He finished fourth, his only Top 5. He ended the season with a Pole at Martinsville, 1 Top 5, 4 Top 10's, and 2 DNF's.
By far, Rob was the most active in the NWST League, running in all 5 divisions at one time or another. The HCGR division is the only one Rob ran the entire season. He only took one provisional during the 40 race season. Rob set a personal single-season/league record with 13 wins. Rob had 37 Top 5's, and no DNF's. Rob ended up finishing second, 100 points behind E&K Teammate Mike Smith. Rob's primary sponsor was Cricket Wireless on the E&K Motorsports Dodge Intrepid. Other primaries were Executive Security with Wichita State and Kansas State, Joe's Crab Shack, Ron Jon Surf Shop, a Boy or Girl ? scheme, and Neises for Representative for several races. He ran a Ford Taurus full-time in the Busch division through Daytona Summer, then a few races post Daytona. In 21 races in the E&K Taurus, Rob had 21 Top 5's and 3 provisionals to go with 5 DNF's. Rob ran in the N4/N2k2 division, running Daytona and Bristol in N4 before parking the team waiting for better equipment (new computer). He ran 4 races after upgrading and took 4 provisionals for 9 Top 5's. Sponsorship was provided by Ron Jon Surf Shop, Hooters, and Neises for Representative on the E&K Motorsports Pontiac Grand Prix. He ran three races in the Cup division for GoAsher Racing. He had 3rd place finishes at both road courses, and a 5th at Talladega. Sponsorship was provided by Neises for Representative on the Chevy Monte Carlos. Rob also ran the season opener in the ARCA division. He took second to Mike Smith in a Ron Jon Surf Shop Ford Taurus.
Late in the season when the campiagn had died, Rob went looking for other racing avenues for 2003. That brought Rob to try the RDA League. In N3 offline, they ran a Winston Cup league. Rob began running a Neises for Representative Chevy prepared by GoAsher Racing. After a couple races, he was invited to join Lee & Ralston Motorsports beginning at Kansas. At Kansas, he changed the number to 96, and car-make to Dodge on the Lee & Ralston/Neises for Representative ride. After the election, Cricket became the major sponsor with ICEE drinks. In 14 races, Rob had 11 Top 5's, with 3 runner up finishes. They were at Bristol, Martinsville, and Atlanta. Even though he will represent the SSCRA in the SRLC, Rob ran the RDA Open for the practice, finishing second.
The other league Rob ran was the SSCRA. Rob ran the Midvale Track Championship Series in the Summer and Fall. In the 20 races, Rob took 4 poles, had 12 heat wins, 5 feature wins and 20 Top 5's on his way to the Track Championship Series Championship. Rob ran a Legends Pure Stock Dodge Charger, his third different car make to win a championship in. Rob also ran the OR4C Cup series beginning with Darlington in September. Rob ran a Neises Family Racing Pontiac, with sponsorship from Neises for Representative. In six races, Rob had 5 Top 5's, and 6 Top 10's, with the best finish a second at Talladega. The effort was good enough to garner Rob an invitation to represent the SSCRA in the SRLC Winter All-Star Series.
Rob ran the Indy 250 in the IIRS IRL Division in a G-Force/Infinity Indy car. It was Rob's first time in an open wheel racer in over 3 years. Rob finsihed 55 laps on way to a 21st place finish. ICEE drinks was the primary on the number 96 James Gang Racing entry.
Rob's "off-season" schedule kept Rob very busy. Besides the SRLC series, Rob ran both the N3 and N2K2 Divisions of the NWST 500 Series, a prelude to next years XPRT series, and four races in the SSCRA's Winter Heat Series. In the SSCRA Winter Heat Series, Rob finished in the Top 5 all four races, with the best a runner up at Berlin in January. Sponsorship was handled by Hot Wheels at Myrtle Beach, and the SCKL Railroad backed the efforts of Rob's Chevy Monte Carlos. Rob finished seventh (7th) in the SRLC series. He did this with four Top 5's and a dnf. The best finish was 9th twice. The biggest disappointment was 16th the first race at Talladega. Rob ended the winter efforts with the final NWST 500 races February 8th. Rob dnf'd the N3 race, but took second in a race that seen no cars go the distance. In December, Rob took the first N3 500 at Talladega, Rob's first 500 mile victory. He finished second in overall points in the N3 500 series, due to a 15 point penalty assessed by the NWST for car issues. Originally, the NWST took away the win, but re-instated it after Rob filed a protest. . N2k2 was ugly ! Everyone dq'd the first race in December at Talladega. Six of the seven for using the wrong car file. Round two saw the race move to the Northeast and Coca-Cola Superspeedway in Concord, Massachusetts. Rob qualified sixth, and in another race of attrition, finished second, 15 laps down.

Chapter 7: Returning Home Again

2003 started off with high hopes for Rob and the now Raney-Neises Family Racing program. Rob ran an incredible 248 races from February of 2003. The team name change is to signify the changes Rob's life has gone through in the last six years. When the season started, it was expected that '03 was going to be the final year for Nascar 3, but due to consumer demand, N3 will be around for at least a couple more years. Besides performing the duties of PR Director for the NWST, Rob ran in 6 different leagues, in 15 different divisions, in 3 different sims. The goal when Rob "Returned Home" was Championships, and Rob more than doubled his Championship total. Rob racked up an incredible eight championships. In NWST, Rob was Champion in the both the NWST N3 and N2K2 XPRT divisions, Summer and Overall N3 Champion in the SSRA, and Track Champion at Bristol, Nashville, and IRP, plus Central Region Champion in the USA Weekly Series by Sledge. Rob also ran a partial season in the SOAR and SSCRA leagues. In the 2003-04 Winter season, Rob moved to the N2K3 sim and ran a couple races in the TOOL League running a Dodge Ram 1500 Truck. In other Winter action, Rob ran in the NWST N3 Winter Qualifying Series, and the SSRA N3 Winter Shootout Series. Rob was supposed to run in the NWST's N2K3 Winter Qualifying Series before a crash caused the demise of his N2K3 car and Tool Truck programs.
In the NWST, Rob ran both N3 for RNFR, and N2K2 Winston Cup - partial season for Outlaw Motorsports. In N3, Rob ran the HCGR and Busch Divisions, plus the two XPRT divisions. In the HCGR, Rob ran a Chevy Monte Carlo for RNFR. He began the season with John Deere as the primary, who moved to the Busch team, and finished with Cricket Wireless returning to the RNFR Chevy. Special sponsorship packages were set up with Rainbow's United, It's A Boy, and during the early stages of the War on Iraq, combined sponsorship with the US Navy. Rob finished second again, this time to Lee Granahan by 155 points. In the Busch division, the season started with Elmo and Sesame Street. After they left, John Deere returned to sponsor the RNFR Chevy. The same special schemes that ran in HCGR also ran on the Busch cars. In 30 races, Rob won a race, and 28 Top 5's on the way to a 5th place finish. Rob was invited to join Outlaw Motorsports in the NWST's N2K2 Winston Cup division. Rob ran 22 races with a rotation of primary sponsorships. The 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix's wore sponsorship from the Wiggles Childrens TV show, Skittles, ICEE, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Bob & Tom Radio Show, with special schemes by Buffalo Wild Wings, Rainbows United, and Its A Boy scheme when Rob's son Robert Cole. 12 Top 5's paved the way for a 5th place final finish in Cup points. Rob ran a Chevy Monte in the 7 races that made up the XPRT seasons. In the McDonalds Chevy, Rob won 5 races and 4 poles on the to Championship, in N2K2 he drove the ICEE Pontiac to 4 wins and a pole in his Championship run. In Winter action, in a qualifying season of four races, Rob had 4 Top 5's, and 2 dnf's.
In the SSCRA, Rob ran 24 races, 22 for points. He took two poles and 2 wins, one of them was a points win. Including the 14 provisionals, Rob scored 29 Top 5's, 27 for points, and 38 Top 10's, 36 for points. Rob dnf'd 12 times, and dq'd one race. In the SSCRA, Hot Wheels was the primary sponsor, with It's A Boy and Ron Jon Surf Shop as special primaries.
In the SSRA, Rob ran both the Spring and Summer sessions in both N3 and N2K2. The US Navy was primary sponsor on the Chevy's in N3 and Pontiacs in N2K2. The Navy's Blue Angels was the primary on the N2K2 Summer session. In N3, Rob ran 16 races, with 5 wins, 2 poles, and 16 Top 5's, with 4 dnf's. Those numbers had him finishing 3rd in the Spring Session, and winning the N3 Summer, and Overall Summer seasons. In N2K2, Rob ran 11 races. In those 11 races, Rob won 4, took 2 poles, and 11 Top 5's, and 3 dnf's on the way to a 3d place finish in Spring, and 2nd in the Summer Session. Rob continued in the Winter running the Winter Shoot-Out session, winning 2 of the 5 races, with 5 Top 5's on way to a second place finish.
In the USA Weekly Series presented by Sledge, Rob won all 60 Weekly races, and was in first place, securing the Track Championships at Bristol, Nashville and IRP on way to the Central Region Championships. But when Rob switched from SCKL as primary sponsor to Elmo and Sesame Street on the Pontiacs for the two national races, he dropped out of the lead to second. Rob had a Top 5 and 2 Top 10's in the two National Races at Winchester and Nashville.
Overall, Rob ran 248 races, with 37 wins and 12 poles. Rob ended the season with over 762 starts and 87 career wins, 41 career poles, over 497 career Top 5's, and 146 dnf's and 37 provisionals since 1995.

Chapter 8: Things Are A Changin' (2004 - 2006)

Rob has made the jump to racing the N2K3 sim in 2004, while still running in several Nascar 3 series. A couple of major changes include racing for Outlaw Motorsports in N2K3 NWST ARCA and Craftsman Trucks. And after the abrupt retirement of NWST League Director and Administrators, Rob took over as Director/Administrator of the NWST Racing League. In response to his new duties, Rob doesn't expect to be able to run as much as he did last year, but his wife says that is a good thing.....
2005: In 2005, Rob ran an incredible amounts of races, entered online racing, changed the race teams name to Dad's Time Racing, won a couple more Championships, and had record setting victory totals.
After joining Outlaw Motorsports in mid-2004, Neises joined Outlaw Motorsports in online racing in the NASS Series. Rob ran for Rookie of the Year in the Thunder and Truck series. He finsished 5th in ROTY, 13th in points in Thunder, and second to OMS teammate Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg in Truck ROTY, finishing 18th in the series points. Rob ran several online series and races as the online bug hit him hard, getting two online wins and an online pole in SOAR online racing. Overall, Rob ran 385 races in the 2005 racing year. Along with all the starts, he won an incredible 86 races, took 59 poles, to go with his 244 Top 5's and 363 Top 10's, all of this with 60 did not finishes. Add to that Championships for Dad Times Racing, as Rob's personal team was now named, in NWST N2K3 Trucks and ARCA Series racing. Rob was runner up in NWST N2K3 HCGR, and Nextel Cup Series, NWST N3 Nextel Cup series, and the SSCRA's Open Wheel Racing Series.
At the end of 2004, things had begun to change around the house, and Rob no longer felt that his racing was a family-supported activity, it was his "personal" time, so the team name was changed from Raney-Neises Family Racing to Dad's Time Racing.
Rob continued as Director of the NWST Racing League until its last race on January 1st, 2006.
2006: 2006 saw the NWST fold and Rob take over as Director of N3 Nextel Cup racing for SOAR-Racing, Rob cut his racing schedule in about half, Rob won two Championships, hit many racing milestones, restart James Gang Racing as a second personal team in preparation for 2007, and hire outside drivers to run JGR-perpared cars - with success.
The season started a bit different than others, as Rob began racing with his first internet-television race in sim500's xxxxxx race. Rob lead late, but an electrical problem (computer froze) caused Rob to finish 13th, on the lead lap. He followed up with attempts at NASS' Race for Victory and a second sim500 race, before qualifying for his second televised race - the Sim-Racing Against Cancer event. All told, Rob made four television races as a driver, and JGR/Dad's Time Racing had cars in two other televised races. In NASS' Mike Langston Memorial, JGR got its first win since its rebirth, with Dan Lyons taking the pole and victory. Personally, Rob only raced in 225 races in 2006. Those races netted Rob 22 wins, 30 poles, 100 Top 5's, 151 Top 10's, with 33 did not finishes. Rob took the Championships in SOAR-Racing's N3 Nextel Cup series in a Chevy Monte Carlo SS for Ratt Pack Racing, and the ISRS' Winter Vintage Nascar series in a Dodge Daytona/Charger, Ford Torino combined effort for James Gang Racing. In ISRS's Open Wheel Racing Series, Rob was runner-up in a Dallara/Honda with primary sponsorship from Cricket Wireless. He was a part-time competitor for Outlaw Motorsports in NASS Thunder and Trucks in 2006 as personal issues and work kept him away from the track a lot.
In 2006, Rob set his personal records higher as he surpassed 1600 sim-starts, 240 wins, 150 poles, and 20 Championships. Though he is proud of his stats, Rob says he hopes he gets more victories before he hangs up his helmet for good.
In preparation for the day he does hang up his helmet, Neises restarted James Gang Racing in mid-2006. Though he still competed in most leagues for Dad's Time Racing in 2006, Rob ran for JGR in AKM's Nocturnal Adrenaline, Midnight Thunder, and attempted some Feature Cup races at the end of the season. DTR and JGR merged back into one team starting with the 2006/07 Winter Season, under the James Gang Racing banner. James Gang Racing driver Dan Lyons had a pole and victory in his one start for JGR in NASS' Mike Langston Memorial race.
2006 also saw Rob welcome a new car make to the fold, get accused of trading in trade secrets, have his ride parked by a manufacturer, go to court and win, then Rob and the manufacturer kissed and made up. The end result of all that drama is that Outlaw Motorsports Kansas shops were moved to California, and OMS-California now builds, prepares and transports the Dodges to the races, Rob will just drive in 2007.

Chapter 9: Old Name - Different Team:

2007 looks to be a year of changes for the new James Gang Racing. Team owner Rob Neises is beginning the transition from owner/driver, the team switches to Toyota in Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck Series racing, JGR enters a car full-time in a pay-to-race series, and in a look to the future, starts a driver development program.
Already in 2007, hiring drivers to race for James Gang Racing has netted the team and sponsor Executive Security good air time as driver Allen Ebert took the number 97 Executive Security Chevy Silverado to a runner up position in the second annual Race for Victory, by Executive Security.
Expect as 2007 progresses, for Rob to move from owner/driver to team owner/manager, who also drives. Empowered by the success' of 2007 and 2006's experiments with hiring drivers to race JGR-prepared cars, Neises has hired a full-time driver - Bud "Master Blaster" Boykin to drive the number 07 JGR Toyota Camry in sim500's Feature Cup Series. The Feature Cup Series, a pay-to-race series is also something new for JGR, even though Rob attempted a few races in a JGR Pontiac in 2006. In a move that further shows Rob's transition, the team bought a second license, for the number 77. Rob plans on running the 77 at the four superspeedway races, and use the other 32 races as driver development, in hopes of having two full-time entries into the Feature Cup Series in 2008.
In other 2007 racing news, Rob remains Director of SOAR-Racing's N3 Nextel Cup division, and plans to run full-time for Outlaw Motorsports in NASS' Thunder and Trucks Online Series'. JGR is preparing a Dallara/Honda for Rob as he makes a run at the ISRS Open Wheel Racing Championship with rotating sponship from Cricket Wireless, the US NAVY, the SCKL Railroad, McDonalds, and Del Monte Foods

History updated: 2/21/2007

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